Funstuff by Lynda Hand Painted "The EFF Bomb" Themed Mugs

Our range of "EFF" word mugs used in a humorous way!

300mL Porcelain Latte Mug - Various designs

Eff Bomb Themed Mugs

Someone Said I Swear Too...
Someone Said I Swear Too Much Mug$AU24.99 each The ULTIMATE in our Eff-Bomb range!
Wish I Was A Unicorn......
Wish I Was A Unicorn... so I could stab people with my head! Mug$AU24.99 each Because there are those annoying...
What The Fuck Do You...
What The Fuck Do You Want Now Mug$AU24.99 each
Fuck Did I Just Say...
Fuck Did I Just Say Shit Mug$AU24.99 each We've all done it... and this mug says it again with No...
What Do We Want? A Cure for Tourette's!$AU24.99 each Believe it or not, a gentleman with Tourette's told us how...
Play a Game of Fuck...
Let's Play a Game of Fuck Off... You Go First! Mug$AU24.99 each We all love to play games!
Queen of Fucking Everything Mug
Queen of Fucking Everything! Mug$AU24.99 each Enough said!
Fuck Off I Have Enough...
Fuck Off I Have Enough Friends Mug$AU24.99 each Let everyone now how popular you really are!
Fuck I'm Fabulous Mug
Fuck I'm Fabulous Mug$AU24.99 each The perfect gift for that Fabulous person!
Fuck I'm Awesome Mug
Fuck I'm Awesome Mug$AU24.99 each The perfect gift for that Awesome person!
Fuck I'm A Legend Mug
Fuck I'm A Legend Mug$AU24.99 each The perfect gift for that Legendary person!