About Us

Lynda Hart Miller

After years of working in the restaurant trade, and having owned four restaurants/cafes at various times, Lynda hung up her apron and decided to pursue her artistic side.  In 1997, Funstuff (by Lynda) was born, consisting of hand painted glass bottles and faux fur purses, lamp shades, diaries and anything else she could get her hands on.  When she met her soon to be husband Todd, she closed up the business in 1999 and moved to the US with him for the next two years.

 Returning to Australia in late 2001, and then relocating to Queensland in February 2002, Lynda relaunched her business at the Port Douglas Markets as FUNSTUFF BY LYNDA, painting on all sorts of glass items including wine, champagne and shot glasses, as well as bottles and tea lights.

Lynda added her hand painted acrylic canvas artwork to the mix in 2004 and started painting on porcelain in 2007.  2009 saw Lynda move her studio out of the house and into the Meridien Marina in Port Douglas.  This was meant to only be a place to paint outside of home, but by September Lynda was too busy to continue working alone that her husband quit his job and came onboard as a second artist.
By December 2011, Lynda and Todd had moved their shop out of the Marina and up to the main street of Port Douglas, Macrossan Street.

If you are in Port Douglas, stop by FUNSTUFF BY LYNDA at Shop 20, Port Village Shopping Centre 7 days a week or at the Port Douglas Markets, come see where we create and say "Hello"!